Chris Workman New Ep "The Trials And Trails Of Excess, Volume 1 to be released July 25th 

Ladies and Gentlemen, the long awaited 4th recording of Chris Workman will finally be released next Friday night, July 25th, at Yabo in Fort Myers. It will be in EP form (six songs) and is entitled "The Trials And Trails Of Excess, Volume 1". This is Chris's first recording since his 3rd LP "Cakes And Ale" and features six new wonderful and accessible songs. Workman fans will be sure to love the new music! The EP will be available beginning July 25th at Yabo where Chris will be holding his first of many EP…

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Alright everyone, I've finally joined the experience that is FaceCook so come on down and be my friend-I guess just type in Chris Workman and pick the right one-I have no idea what's going on yet and that's not really a bad thing.....

I'm Still Alive!!! 

Hey everybody-still gigging in SW FL-fourth album still in the works-when it does come, I promise it will be worth the wait-stick with me-I will deliver...

Back in FL!!! 

Chris has just returned to the Southwest Florida area and will be scheduled at many gigs through the winter and spring. Check the calendar for show dates-Come out and here some great music!!!

Up North in MD and TN! 

Chris will be playing in MD for the holidays and plans to be back in FL in mid January-Check the schedule for dates in both states-Stay tuned for more!!

11 New Roughs 

Get ready- Workman has just completed 11 new songs for a fourth album and recording will be under way soon. In the meantime, he's still playing in SW Florida-see him live- check the calendar!!!

Album available at 

The new album is available at just type in Chris Workman and The High Thread Count- there will be link on this site soon that will take you right to it.

CD Release parties scheduled!!! 

Two cd release parties have been scheduled to celebrate the new album Cakes And Ale. They will feature the new band, Chris Workman and The High Thread Count, playing all the new songs off the album. The first will take place Saturday, May 20, at Doc Ford's on Sanibel from 4-7p.m. and the second will be Monday, May 22, at Channelmark in Ft. Myers Beach from 9-12a.m. They will both be a great time- be there!!!


The album, Cakes And Ale is available now at gigs(check the calendar) and will also be available soon on this site through CDBaby(two weeks), Release parties are being planned as you read this and will be posted as soon as possible- get ready, this album is sick!!!!!!!!

Cakes And Ale Available April 2006 

Production on Chris Workman's third album “Cakes And Ale†is complete. The album is receiving great reviews and will be available for purchase in April 2006 Stay tuned for dates and locations for the CD release parties. This will be your chance to see Chris Workman and The High Thread Count perform the songs live. Cakes and Ale along with Chris features great musicians including David Johnson, Charlie McCoy, Aiyb Dieng, Jimmy Bowland, Richie Alexander, Vinny Ciesielski and Ray Nesbit are some of…

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